teaching resources
In  my new collection of essays students get playful, electric prose covering everything from grand theft auto and Rodin’s erotic sculptures to blues harmonica and angsty teenage romance. Teachers get a wide range of forms to explore and dissect with their classes. 

To help entice you a bit, I've also compiled here a variety of teaching resources including discussion questions, writing prompts, reviews, and craft essays.  I hope you'll consider adopting my book for your classroom.

excerpt from November 2015 reading
2016 AML Interview
Interview on BYU's SiriusXM Radio 
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discussion questions, writing prompts, & related essays
I've compiled discussion questions and student-friendly writing prompts for each chapter, and I've paired each chapter with some related readings by some of my favorite authors. CLICK HERE to download the handout.
Here you'll find links to the growing list of reviews for MWWYtKIHM.

craft essays
In the past few years, I've published several articles on the craft and theory of creative nonfiction--they might come in handy in your classroom.