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"Not in My Backyard"
Forth Genre, 
​Forthcoming, Spring 2018
"An Elegy, Before Sorrow"
Tusculum Review,
Volume 13, 2017
Full Montaigne, Ninth Letter, Joey Franklin Essay
Joey Franklin, Sweet Lit, Karate Kid, Cool Enough, For the Moment,
Hunger Mountain, Joey Franklin, Stuck, Essay, Creative Nonfiction
"The Full Montaigne"
Ninth Letter, 2015

"Coole Enough, For the Moment"
Sweet: Summer 2015

Hunger Mountain, Summer 2015

Joey Franklin, Love & Profanity, Girl Fight, essay, creative nonfiction
Joey Franklin, Essay, personal etymology of desire
American Literary Review, Houseguest, Joey Franklin, Cockroach
"A Personal Etymology of Desire"
Southloop Review: January 2015

Mid-American Review, 2014

Sport Literate, Climbing Shingle Mill Peak, essay, creative nonfiction
Gettysburg Review, Joey Franklin, LIfespan of a Kiss, essay, creative nonfiction
Brevity, Girl Fight, Joey Franklin, Essay, creative nonfiction
"Climbing Shingle Mill Peak"
Sport Literate, Fall 2013

"The Lifespan of a Kiss"
Gettysburg Review, Summer 2013

"Girl Fight,"
Brevity, January 2014

Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, working at Wendy's,
Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, Haptics, Hyperrealism, and My Father's Yearin Prison
Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, How to be a t-ball parent, sport literate
"Working at Wendy's"
Reprinted in the 13th and 14th edition of the Norton Reader, and The Norton Little Reader, and online at the Utne Reader.
"On Haptics, Hyperrealism, and my Father's Year in Prison,"
The Pinch, Spring 2013
"How to Be a T-Ball Parent"
Sport Literate, March 2012

Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, In THeir Ears and On THeir Tongues
Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, grand theft auto, The Normal School
Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, Language Lust, Florida Review
"In Their Ears and On Their Tongues"
American Literary Review,
Spring 2013
"Grand Theft Auto"
The Normal School, Fall 2011

"Language Lust"
Florida Review, 2010

Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, Call Me Joey, Waccamaw
Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction, Dialogue,
Joey Franklin, essay, creative nonfiction,
"Call Me Joey"
Waccamaw Journal, Fall 2010
"An Excuse I've Been Working on For a While"
Dialogue 2010

"Working at Wendy's"
Twenty Something Essays by Twentysomething Writers (Random House, 2006)

"Writing Contests: A Look Inside the system of Competition."
Poets & Writers, May/June, 2019

"Submit That Manuscript!"
Poets & Writers, July/Aug 2017

​" Facts into Truths: Henry David Thoreau and the Role of Hard Facts in ​Creative Nonfiction." Assay, Spring 2017
"The Critic as Artist: Oscar Wilde's Aesthetic and the Soul of the Personal Essay.
Writer's Chronicle, March/April 2016
"The Fine Art of Choosing a Degree"
Poets & Writers, Oct/Nov 2015
"How to Be a Good
Literary Citizen"
Poets & Writers, 2013
"Survival of the Fittest"
Poets & Writers, Sept/Oct 2011
"Essaying 'the Thing': An Imagiste Approach to the Lyric Essay"
Writer's Chronicle, Fall 2012